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Serbia and Kosovo: The Path to Normalisation

International Crisis Group Europe Report N°223 | N.N. |  2013  

Setting Kosovo Free: Remaining Challenges

International Crisis Group Europe Report N°218 | N.N. |  2012  

Neuer Staat, endlich Frieden?

Lehren des „Statebuilding“ vom Kosovo über Somaliland bis zum Südsudan. Dokumentation der Podiumsdiskussion zum Internationalen Friedenstag 2011 | N.N. |  2012  

Der Kosovo-Konflikt. Analyse und zivilgesellschaftliche Lösungsperspektiven

Dossier des Forschungsprojekts 'Internationales Konfliktmonitoring' der Universität Gießen | J. Rüger, D. Schmidt |  2011  

Initiative for RECOM

 Initiativen - Juli 2011

Civil society demands for a regional truth commission in the former Yugoslavia

The Coalition for RECOM is a non-political regional gathering of civil society organizations in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. It consists of a network of non-governmental organizations, associations, and individuals who represent and promote the Initiative for RECOM towards the establishment of a Regional Commission Tasked with Establishing the facts about All Victims of War crimes and Other Serious Human Rights Violations Committed on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia in the period from 1991-2001 (RECOM).


Call for Participants: GAIA - Art in Action

 Meldungen - Juli 2011

International Youth Exchange in Kosovo. Deadline for applications: 18th July 2011

GAIA Kosovo in cooperation with other peace and cultural organizations is organizing a International Youth Exchange that will build a creative Human Right campaign trough artistic workshops. The title of the exchange is "Art in Action" and it will be held in Plemetina, Kosovo at 21st August  - 4th September 2011.


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