Private Security Companies / Private Military Companies

Call for Papers

Since the end of the East-West Conflict, PSCs and PMCs have been gaining in importance and relevance. For some, their work is a menace, for some it is a blessing. We want to explore the various facets and dimensions of the PSC/PMC universe in an anthology with the working title 'The Privatization of Security' and encourage the submission of paper proposals. Contributions are preferably in English but are welcome in German, as well. Thematic fields can be, e.g.:
- Privatization and the Military: A Historical Account
- Private Guard/Security Services and Gated Communities
- Militias
- Outsourcing and Privatization in Regular Armed Forces (comparative and/or case studies)
- Regular Armed Forces and their Cooperation with PSCs/PMCs
- Case Studies on some individual PSCs
- Case Studies on some individual PMCs
- Regulation Efforts by PSCs/PMCs (Codes of Conduct, etc.)
- National Regulation Efforts and Possibilities
- International Regulation Efforts and Possibilities
- Strengths and Weaknesses of the International Convention on Mercenaries: Towards an International Convention on PSCs/PMCs?
- The State and PSCs/PMCs: A Democracy-Theoretical Account
Please submit your paper proposals no later than 15 June 2005 to both: Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaeger (University of Cologne)- mail: thomas.jaeger [at] - net: and Dr. Gerhard Kuemmel (Bundeswehr Institute of Social Research) - mail: gerhardkuemmel [at] - net: Our further time schedule is to have the manuscripts by November/December this year and to have the book published by mid-2006 (extracted from the call).