Challenges of a Common Security Policy in Eurasia

A workshop organized by International Peace Bureau and the Asia-Europe People Forum in Berlin

Since 2016, the world has experienced major events which are likely to greatly affect the world’s order as well as peace and security. These events include: Brexit; Trump becoming the US President; the rise of aggressive xenophobic leadership in many countries that advocate and overlook violence in order to endorse their agendas; wars, conflicts and tension in regions as diverse as Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Palestine, the Korean Peninsula, South China Sea/West Philippine Sea/East Sea; the non-Resolution of many low intensity and frozen conflicts and the potential rise of ethnic and identity conflicts; etc. Besides, increasing military spending, foreign military bases, terrorism, internal conflicts, territorial disputes, militarization and the nuclear arms race, neo-racism, refugee crisis, oppression of minorities and xenophobic nationalism have been threatening people’s lives and peace and security.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  •     To analyze the current situation in the two continents and its impact on peace and security, as well as people’s lives.
  •     To analyze the current security situation in Asia and Europe and draw conclusions for a new security architecture
  •     To develop items of a security architecture based upon the concept of a Common Security Policy
  •     To address inhibiting as well as stimulating factors of the concept
  •     To name actors and implementation strategies for a Eurasian Common Security concept

With the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, AsienHaus and the European Union.

More Information and Registration

IPB International Peace Bureau Meeting room
Marienstraße 19/20
10117 Berlin
Monday, 23. September 2019 (All day)
Tuesday, 24. September 2019 (All day)