Breaking Silos: Showcasing Integrated Solutions to Help Achieve SDG 16, Gender and Land Related SDGs

High Level Political Forum 2019 Side-Event
According to the joint UN/ World Bank report “Pathways for Peace”, access to land, water and extractives is among the key risk areas for violent conflict – which is coming under more stress with the effects of climate change, population growth, urbanization, and the expansion of large-scale agriculture. However, conflicts over land and resources do not necessarily have to lead to violence. Struggles can be a positive force for catalytic change – for example, when previously landless poor are taken seriously and gain access to land.

The intention to reduce and prevent violence at all levels (SDG 16.1) needs to be cross-sectoral and linked to the access to land and natural resources as highly relevant factors. Emphasizing the indivisibility of the SDGs means to recognize these interlinkages and encourage the identification of synergies and the development of integrated approaches and coherent policies.

Therefore, this side-event asks how cross-sectoral, integrated and inclusive approaches can help to advance SDG 16, gender and land-related goals. What are the inspiring success stories that are showing results and impacts? What are strategies of civil society networks to sustain peace and prevent violence in the context of land? What are the good practices that can be replicated and scaled-up? What are the gaps and constraints and how should we address them? Looking ahead: What steps should we take to accelerate integration on the global and the local level?

To help answer these questions, the Working Group on Peace and Development (FriEnt) has compiled a dossier with good practices, political achievements and challenges, success stories and lessons learned in the prevention of violence in struggles over land and natural resources. The findings of this dossier will serve as a framework for the side-event. An introduction by German Parliamentary State Secretary Dr Maria Flachsbarth (BMZ) will be followed by three brief presentations of integrated solutions in linking SDG 16, gender and land related SDGs. A subsequent panel will discuss key challenges and opportunities to accelerate integrated implementation.

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Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations; FriEnt
Auditorium of the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations
871 United Nations Plaza
New York
Tuesday, 16. July 2019 - 13:00
Tuesday, 16. July 2019 - 14:30