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Diasporas and Peace

A Comparative Assessment of Somali and Ethiopian Communities in Europe | A. Warnecke |  2010  

The Trouble with the Congo

Local Violence and the Failure of International Peacebuilding | S. Autesserre |  2010  

Sudan - No Easy Ways Ahead

Publication of the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation on the elections 2010 in Sudan | A. El-Battahani, A. Harneit-Sievers, R. Marchal, M. Peter, P. Schumann, A. de Waal, P. D. Wezeman, J. Yoh |  2010  

Africa's New Peace and Security Architecture

Promoting Norms, Institutionalizing Solutions | U. Engel, G. J. Porto |  2010  

Peacebuilding across Lake Albert

Reinforcing Environmental Cooperation between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo | A. Houdret, M. Westerkamp |  2010  

"The logic was sound, but reality interfered"

The World Bank Group and the Chad-Cameroon Oil & Pipeline Project | N.N. |  2010  

CfA: 'The Involvement of the Private Security and Military Companies in Humanitarian Assistance Operations'

 News - October 2010

Call for contributions to a monograph by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) – Deadline for Abstracts: November 30st, 2010

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) through the Security Sector Governance (SSG) Programme initiated a project on 3 November 2008 on 'The Involvement of the Private Security Sector in African Conflicts, Peacekeeping Missions and Humanitarian Assistance Operations'.

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