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Africa's New Peace and Security Architecture

Promoting Norms, Institutionalizing Solutions | U. Engel, G. J. Porto |  2010  

Peacebuilding across Lake Albert

Reinforcing Environmental Cooperation between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo | A. Houdret, M. Westerkamp |  2010  

"The logic was sound, but reality interfered"

The World Bank Group and the Chad-Cameroon Oil & Pipeline Project | N.N. |  2010  

CfA: 'The Involvement of the Private Security and Military Companies in Humanitarian Assistance Operations'

 News - October 2010

Call for contributions to a monograph by the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) – Deadline for Abstracts: November 30st, 2010

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) through the Security Sector Governance (SSG) Programme initiated a project on 3 November 2008 on 'The Involvement of the Private Security Sector in African Conflicts, Peacekeeping Missions and Humanitarian Assistance Operations'.

Gender and Transitional Justice in Africa

Special issue of the African Journal on Conflict Resolution | N.N. |  2010  

"We were promised development and all we got is misery"

The Influence of Petroleum on Conflict Dynamics in Chad - BICC brief | C. Frank, L. Guesnet |  2009  

Harnessing Oil for Peace and Development in Uganda

Understanding National, Local and Cross-border Conflict Risks Associated with Oil Discoveries in the Albertine Rift | J. Banfield |  2009  
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