Action research: a necessity in Peace Work

TitleAction research: a necessity in Peace Work
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKayser, C, Djateng, F
Subtitle / Series TitleBuilding Peace
InstitutionBrot für die Welt - Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst
CityBafoussam, Berlin

Action research is becoming an essential component of the peace work carried out by the Civil Peace Service (CPS) networks. We have therefore endeavoured here to share a certain number of action research initiatives in Cameroon, a summary of the various instances of work in progress in DRC, and the initial situation and research questions posed in Sierra Leone at the height of the Ebola epidemic.

We have added selected elements of theory and practice, for there is no one action research approach that is “right”. The constraint of rigorous methodology and the involvement of the stakeholders by using tools that facilitate enhanced communication make it possible to take the actual experiences of the people concerned into consideration. There are currently a considerable number of initiatives and methodologies developed in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa that we may appropriate. We have also tried to clarify from our point of view the link between action research and peace work.