Kenya’s Media Landscape: A Success Story with Serious Structural Challenges

TitleKenya’s Media Landscape: A Success Story with Serious Structural Challenges
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
Pagination184 pp.
InstitutionDeutsche Welle Akademie
ISBN Number978-3-89158-607-5

Kenya's 2010 Constitution guarantees press freedom in a way the country has never previously seen. However, the concentration of media ownership and pending consensus on new media legislation are tarnishing the triumphs of Kenya's media liberalization and development. Regulation of news content, including hate speech and political bias, as well as journalistic standards are also issues provoking discussion and sullying the image of Kenya as a role model for other East African countries.

The publication provides a supplement to the presentations and discussions held at the fifth annual DW Media Dialogue in Bonn May 2014. The collection of essays by participants from Kenya, the UK, Switzerland and Germany offers academic insight into key research findings on the challenges and opportunities that Kenya’s media practitioners face nowadays. In-depth analysis and profound expertise of Kenya’s historical and cultural background allow for a comprehensive and multi-layered assessment of the current development of the country’s media landscape.

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