Aid to Civil Society: A Movement Mindset

TitleAid to Civil Society: A Movement Mindset
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsStephan, MJ, Lakhani, S, Naviwala, N
Subtitle / Series TitleUSIP Special Report
InstitutionUnited States Institute of Peace (USIP)
CityWashington, DC

Supporting local agents of nonviolent change is critical to preventing violent conflict and advancing democratic development. Civic campaigns are key drivers of social and political development, as is clear from issues-focused movements in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and most recently the Middle East and North Africa. Effectively aiding civic movements that are fluid, diverse, decentralized, and often loosely organized is tricky. Drawn from a review of the literature and numerous interviews with international policymakers and civil society leaders, this report explores both the ways donors engage civil society and creative new approaches to supporting nontraditional actors.