Hier finden Sie aktuelle Meldungen aus der Arbeit der Plattform und unserer Mitgliedsorganisationen sowie weitere News zum Arbeitsfeld zivile Konfliktbearbeitung.

Launch of the Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative (IPTI) website

The Inclusive Peace and Transition Initiative (IPTI) was created in July 2015, with the goal of supporting peace and transition processes through the comparative evidence accumulated over nearly a decade of research under leadership of Thania Pfaffenholz, at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.  

Neues Magazin Balkan.Perspectives erschienen

Gewaltsame Auseinandersetzungen und Kriege enden, die traumatischen Erinnerungen und psychischen Verletzungen bei den betroffenen Menschen bleiben jedoch bestehen. Die neue Ausgabe des Magazins Balkan.Perspectives beschäftigt sich daher mit den psychologischen Auswirkungen von Kriegen und Konflikten und richtet den Blick auf diejenigen, für die die Vergangenheit nicht enden kann. Wie bewältigen Menschen traumatische Erfahrungen? Welche Unterstützung bekommen sie aus ihrer Gesellschaft und wo ist verstärkte Hilfe notwendig?

Theorising Media and Conflict

Call for Papers for edited volume. Closing date: 29 February 2016

In a recent survey of the interdisciplinary literature on media and conflict, Schoemaker and Stremlau (2014) found that most existing studies display Western biases, normative assumptions and unsubstantiated claims about the impact of media in conflict situations. With their cross-cultural studies, ethnographic methods and ground-up theorising, anthropologists are well placed to make a
strong contribution to the advancement of this area of scholarship.

Conflict and Society

New journal presents advances in Peace and conflict studies

Organized violence - war, armed revolt, genocide, lynching, targeted killings, torture, routine discrimination, terrorism, trauma, and suffering - is a daily reality for some, while for others it is a sound bite or a news clip seen in passing and easily forgotten. Rigorous scholarly research of the social and cultural conditions of organized violence, its genesis, dynamic, and impact, is fundamental to addressing questions of local and global conflict and its impact on the human condition.

Civil society mobilisation in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Neighbourhood

Call for papers for panel for UACES 46th Annual Conference. Closing date: 15 January 2016

Civil society has emerged as one of the potential drivers of domestic change in a context where "enlargement fatigue" is rife and the EU has few concrete benefits to offer its neighbouring countries in exchange for their reform efforts. By offering insights from the ground and stimulating change "bottom-up", it is thought that organised civil society can complement top-down external incentives in fostering both policy adjustments and democratisation more broadly.

PhD scholarship

Call for applications by the School of International and Intercultural Communication. Closing date: 29 February 2016

The School of International and Intercultural Communication (SIIC), supported by MERCUR (Mercator Research Center Ruhr) and the UA-Universities Bochum, Dortmund and Duisburg-Essen, is offering one PhD Scholarship starting April 1, 2015.

2015 El-Hibri Peace Education Prize awarded to Raz Mohammed Dalili

Global Campaign for Peace Education - Press information - 30 October 2015 (Washington) - Raz Mohammed Dalili, one of Afghanistan’s most recognised peace educators, has been awarded the prestigious 2015 El-Hibri Peace Education Prize, the El-Hibri Foundation said here on Wednesday. Raz Dalili will accept an award of $30,000 for his organization at a private ceremony in late October, the foundation said in a statement. Three graduate students will also receive $5,000 scholarships at the ceremony to further their peace education studies.