Women Building Peace: What They Do, Why It Matters

TitleWomen Building Peace: What They Do, Why It Matters
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleBook on women's contributions in peace and security processes
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsAnderlini, S
Number of Pages257 pp.
PublisherLynne Rienner Publishers
ISBN Number978-1-58826-512-8
Accession Number924

In "Women Building Peace: What They Do, Why It Matters", author Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini explores such issues as: How and why do women's contributions matter in peace and security processes? Why should women's activities in this sphere be explored separately from peacebuilding efforts in general? Decisively answering these questions, Sanam Anderlini offers a comprehensive, cross-regional analysis of women's peacebuilding initiatives around the world. Anderlini also traces the evolution of international policies in this arena and highlights the endemic problems that stunt progress. Her astute analysis, based on extensive research and field experience, demonstrates how gender sensitivity in programming can be a catalytic component in the complex task of building sustainable peace, and provides concrete examples of how to draw on women's untapped potential.Sanam Anderlini is a research affiliate of the MIT Center for International Studies. For over a decade she has worked with the UN, NGOs, and bilateral donors as an advocate, researcher, trainer, and writer on issues relating to women's participation in peace and security. Her publications include "Civil Wars, Civil Peace: An Introduction to Conflict Resolution" (with Kumar Rupesinghe) and "Inclusive Security, Sustainable Peace: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Action"."Anderlini moves beyond the well-tread path with this measured, well-informed analysis of the impact of women on building and maintaining peace. Her work should be mandatory reading for students, scholars, and practitioners in the fields of conflict resolution and security studies." Julie Mertus, American University Contents:Preventing and Transforming Conflict NonviolentlyGetting to the Peace TableDisarming, Demobilizing, and Reintegrating FightersPostconflict Governance and LeadershipTransitional Justice and ReconciliationHow the International System Lets Women DownConclusion The book can be ordered from Amazon via the link below.

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