Trauma, Reconciliation and Emotions in Post-Conflict Societies

TitleTrauma, Reconciliation and Emotions in Post-Conflict Societies
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleIssue of European Journal of Social Theory
Year of Publication2008
VolumeVol. 11, Issue 3
Number of Pagespp. 283-437
PublisherEuropean Journal of Social Theory
Accession Number1195

Overview of the content:Michael Ure, Post-Traumatic Societies: On Reconciliation, Justice and the Emotions, 283-297Paul Muldoon, The Moral Legitimacy of Anger, 299-314.Christopher Hamilton, Power, Punishment and Reconciliation in the Political and Social Thought of Simone Weil, 315-330.Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Empathetic Repair after Mass Trauma: When Vengeance is Arrested, 331-350.Mervyn Frost, Tragedy, Reconciliation and Reconstruction, 351-365.Catherine Lu, Shame, Guilt and Reconciliation after War, 367-383.Emma Hutchison and Roland Bleiker, Emotional Reconciliation, Reconstituting Identity and Community after Trauma, 385-403.Jeffrey Prager, Healing from History: Psychoanalytic Considerations on Traumatic Pasts and Social Repair, 405-420.Monica Sassatelli, An Interview with Alessandro Ferrara: Europe, Authenticity and Unavailable Identities, 421-437. The journal can be accessed online. Download of articles needs a subscription or online access via libraries or JSTOR.

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