"Transforming War Economies"

Title"Transforming War Economies"
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series Titleswisspeace Working Paper 3 / 2007
Year of Publication2007
Authorsd'Epinay, DL, Schnabel, A, Banfield, J, Collier, P, Egger, U, Fust, W, Hesselbein, G, Hussels, M, Switzer, J
Number of Pages22 p.
ISBN Number978-3-908230-70-0
Accession Number944

Although economic factors have proven to be crucial factors influencing the conflict proneness of a country, both military cease fires and peace agreements tend to neglect the economic and socioeconomic aspects of war, while emphasizing mainly political and military issues. However, peacebuilding and conflict prevention measures applied by the international community cannot limit themselves to ending open violence and cutting conflict profiteers from their power and income. In addition, alternative social, economic and political structures must be fostered to allow the population to meet their basic needs outside the structures of violent conflict. The establishment of relevant economic structures and the creation of an attractive investment climate for foreign investments are crucial for breaking and transforming the destructive structures of economies of violence.

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