The European Union, Transitional Justice and Peace Mediation

TitleThe European Union, Transitional Justice and Peace Mediation
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleInitiative for Peacebuilding Publication
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDavis, L
Number of Pages20 pp.
PublisherInitiative for Peacebuilding, IfP Mediation Cluster
Accession Number1589

The European Union is increasingly involved in mediating peace deals around the world, and has strong commitments to international justice and human rights. Including justice provisions for the victims of a conflict in the peace agreement may make an important contribution to a durable peace. This paper analyses EU capacities for promoting justice for human rights violations in peacemaking, identifies gaps and recommends ways to fill these gaps. It argues that a comprehensive EU approach to transitional justice would make the EU a more credible mediator, and should also improve the impact of post-conflict peace- and democracy-building interventions.

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