Re-defining the human security debate through social media and technologies

TitleRe-defining the human security debate through social media and technologies
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleBICC bulletin 57
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPrizeman, K
Number of Pages4pp.
PublisherBonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)

"Human security concerns have been redefined through new media and social technology widening public discourse on issues of global concern from mass atrocity crimes to disarmament. Commonly known as Web 2.0, social media tools and networking technologies have altered the rules of engagement for diplomacy, both official and unofficial. Human security challenges no longer fall exclusively under the purview of state officials and UN staff, but are open to a growing number of academics, advocates and avid networkers.Global Action to Prevent War (GAPW) embraces a wide range of communication vehicles that we believe are necessary to a strong, dependable human security framework including research publications, regional workshops, UN based monitoring, and in-person consultations with diplomats and civil society. Social media has quickly become a critical component of our communication with the UN-based and global diplomatic communities. Social media has enabled us to broaden and increase our conversations with diverse civil society partners and constituents who are most closely impacted by the core issues that defi ne our work - including curbing proliferation of illicit small arms, preventing mass atrocity crimes, and increasing women’s participation in peace processes." (from the introduction) Download

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