Promoting Security: But How and for Whom?

TitlePromoting Security: But How and for Whom?
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleContributions to the BICC Brief
Year of Publication2004
Series EditorCroll, PJ, Brzoska, M
VolumeBICC Brief 30
PublisherBonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)
Accession Number442

Opening Panel:
10 Years of BICC - The Past and the Future
Group A: The long 'Decade of Disarmament'
1986 - 1999: What Remains to be Done? What Lessons can be Drawn?
Group B: Human Security: More than Just a Good Idea?
Group C: United Nations, NATO, European Union: Partners or Competitors in Conflict Prevention and Containment?
Group D: Peaceful Ways out of Internal Conflicts: Can External Actors Make a Difference?
Group E: Arms Control and Disarmament: Still Relevant in the New Century?
Group F: Small Arms Control: Developing Human Resources Keynote Speeches

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