Positive Approaches to Peacebuilding

TitlePositive Approaches to Peacebuilding
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleA Resource for Innovators
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsSampson, C, Abu-Nimer, M, Liebler, C, Whitney, D
PublisherPact Publications
CityWashington D.C.
Accession Number108

This pathbreaking book is a bold invitation to peacebuilders to consider new approaches "positive approaches" to transforming conflict and building peace in some of the most complex of human situations. It is a call to shift from focusing predominantly on the conflict, struggle, and suffering to also shining light on cooperation, coexistence, and visions for a better future. Chapters by some of the leading practitioner/scholars as well as some fresh new faces in the field are full of ideas for making this shift. The hope of the contributors is that these ideas will be useful and will capture the imagination of readers who will apply them, adapt them further, and go far beyond them in innovating with positive approaches to peacebuilding.

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