Peacebuilding at a Crossroads? Dilemmas and Paths for Another Generation

TitlePeacebuilding at a Crossroads? Dilemmas and Paths for Another Generation
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleNew Dialogue Series in the Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFisher, S, Zimina, L, Kriesberg, L, Chigas, D, Woodrow, P, Weitsch, M, Bzicevic, G, Hopp, U, Unger, B
Series EditorSchmelzle, B, Fischer, M
VolumeNo. 7
Number of Pages106 pp.
PublisherBerghof Conflict Research
ISBN Number978-3-927783-94-2; ISSN 1616-2544
Accession Number1217

The Berghof Research Center for Constructive Conflict Management begins a new Dialogue Series with Berghof Handbook Dialogue No. 7: Peacebuilding at a Crossroads? Dilemmas and Paths for Another Generation.
In this Dialogue, practitioners and researchers reflect on the conditions of success or failure in peacebuilding and conflict transformation. Among many achievements, there remains lingering worry that complex economic and environmental crises, violence and war may overwhelm the best efforts for social change. The contributors to this Dialogue assess and redefine what needs to be done so that peacebuilders won't be "just wasting our time": a frank discussion of values, approaches and power politics; public mobilization for effective violence prevention; constructive confrontation of entrenched injustice; grounded analysis accompanied by critical peace research; investment in learning and honest reflection; and an appreciation of the diversity of peacebuilding communities and their specific roles.CONTENTS
Martina Fischer and Beatrix Schmelzle - Introduction
Simon Fisher and Lada Zimina - Just Wasting Our Time? Provocative Thoughts for Peacebuilders
Louis Kriesberg - Making Good Use of the Time: Contributions and Dilemmas of Non-governmental Actors in Peacebuilding
Diana Chigas and Peter Woodrow - Envisioning and Pursuing Peace Writ Large
Martina Weitsch - Mobilizing Public Opinion for Peace: The Next Challenge for the Peacebuilding Communities
Goran Bozicevic - Reflections on Peacebuilding from Croatia
Ulrike Hopp and Barbara Unger - Time to Learn: Expanding Organisational Capacities in Conflict Settings
Martina Fischer - Participatory Evaluation and Critical Peace Research: A Precondition for Peacebuilding
Simon Fisher and Lada Zimina - Reflections on the Comments: Responses and More Queries

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