Peace Education - A Pathway to a Culture of Peace

TitlePeace Education - A Pathway to a Culture of Peace
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleHandbook for teachers for a culture of peace (formal & non-formal)
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsNavarro-Castro, L, Nario-Galace, J
Number of Pages178 pp.
Accession Number1321

(The following text has been taken from the chapter "A Note from the Authors" inside the book:)
The overall goal of this book is to provide educators with the basic knowledge base as well as the skill- and value-orientations that we associate with educating for a culture of peace. Although this work is primarily directed towards the pre-service and in-service preparation of teachers in the formal school system, it may be used in nonformal education. It can also be a resource for those who want to understand peace issues and some of the ways by which they can help work for change towards a more peaceable society.
This book is based on our study and research as well as on our experiences as teachers and trainers. By writing about what we have come to know and experienced, we are pleased that we are now able to reach a larger community of educators and other concerned people. It is our hope that the ideas contained in this book will circulate widely and promote enthusiasm for both education and action for peace.
We have organized the book into three sections.
Part I presents chapters that are meant to help us develop a holistic understanding of peace and peace education.
Part II discusses the key themes in peace education. Each chapter starts with a conceptual essay on a theme and is followed by some practical teaching-learning ideas that can either be used in a class or adapted to a community setting.
Part III focuses on the peaceable learning climate and the educator, the agent who facilitates the planting and nurturing of the seeds of peace in the learning environment. Finally, the whole school approach is introduced to suggest the need for institutional transformation and the need to move beyond the school towards engagement with other stakeholders in the larger society."To reach peace, teach peace!"

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