Peace, Conflict & Development

TitlePeace, Conflict & Development
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleInterdisciplinary Journal
Year of Publication2005
Accession Number472

Peace, Conflict and Development is an open-access journal focusing on contemporary issues in Conflict and Peace Studies. It aims to publish innovative and accessible writing on a wide range of topics - human rights, democracy and democratisation, conflict resolution, environment, security, war, culture, identity and community, and other related areas of interest. Peace, Conflict & Resolution publishes academic essays, fieldwork reports and book reviews. The journal is published twice annually - in January and July, since 2002. Papers for the January issue should be submitted by October 1st; Papers for the June issue should be submitted by April 1st. The Journal is managed and edited by doctoral students at the Department of Peace Studies, with the support of a part-time Coordinator and academic staff. Associate Reviewers are recruited according to specialism and experience.

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