Natural Resources and Conflict in Afghanistan

TitleNatural Resources and Conflict in Afghanistan
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleAfghanistan Watch study
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSexton, R
Number of Pages85
PublisherAfghanistan Watch

In Afghanistan, natural resources and conflict have a intimate and complex relationship. Conflict assessment surveys have consistently reported that access to natural resources is the cause for more than half of local level conflict incidents in Afghanistan. In particular, competition for land and water are regularly cited as two top causes of conflict in communities across Afghanistan. This study identifies the major conflict trends in the natural resource sector in Afghanistan by developing and examining seven representative case studies. The cases are drawn from across the country, representing diverse geographic, ethnic, social and resource settings. The current period of transition is a critical time for Afghanistan. With the gradual withdrawal of ISAF/NATO forces to be completed in 2014, many observers have focused on the security transition that is underway. Equivalent progress towards both national and local political stability has not been achieved. An important component of that process will be an economic and political accommodation to allocate the division of natural resources. The hope is that this research can facilitate a sober and pragmatic approach to that overdue process. Download 

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