Natural Resource Governance in Conflict-Affected Contexts

TitleNatural Resource Governance in Conflict-Affected Contexts
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleInternational Alert Practice Note
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGrundel, H, Klein, D, van der Zwan, J
VolumeStrengthening the Economic Dimensions of Peacebuilding Practice Note Series No. 6
Number of Pages14 pp.
PublisherInternational Alert
CityLondon, UK
Accession Number1585

Natural Resource Governance in Conflict-Affected Contexts offers options for economic development planners and practitioners for promoting accountable and conflict-sensitive governance of natural resource wealth.The presence of significant natural resource endowments has been documented as contributing to the outbreak of conflict as different parties compete for control over resource-rich territory, fuelling conflict through revenues generated by extractive resources, and undermining peace processes as powerful individuals or groups refuse to give up what they regard as their fair share of the spoils. In such contexts, sustainable peace is often difficult to bring about as vulnerable groups most impacted by the conflict and living in proximity of natural resources (or even participating in their extraction) can feel aggrieved when they are not directly benefiting from them.

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