Mapping German Development Cooperation in Peace Negotiations and Mediation

TitleMapping German Development Cooperation in Peace Negotiations and Mediation
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleExperience, Potentials, Gaps and Areas for Strategic Support
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsVimalarajah, L
Number of Pages25
PublisherBerghof Foundation

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) funded Sector Programme Peace and Security (SP-FuS/GIZ) commissioned Berghof Peace Support (BPS)2 to map the activities of German Development Cooperation (German DC) in support of peace negotiations and mediation. The purpose is to take stock of German DC experience in establishing negotiation support mechanisms, to reflect on mediation support experience at grass-roots, local and regional levels, both multi-sector and multi-track, to offer a mapping containing exemplary programmes and programme components based on defined criteria, and, finally, to generate recommendations for the German DC to engage more effectively in activities related to peace negotiation support.
The mapping paper seeks to respond to four overarching questions: What kinds of the German DC’s activities are undertaken in terms of peace negotiations support? What kind of in-house capacities are available for mediation support? Which potential roles could development cooperation actors play before,  uring and after  peace negotiations? And how can their contribution strategically complement the efforts of international and national efforts in war-to-peace transitions? (from the abstract)
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