Inspiring Practice

TitleInspiring Practice
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleResources, tools and activities for human rights education
Year of Publication2008
Number of Pages105 pp.
PublisherNorthern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC)
ISBN Number1-903681-76-6
Accession Number1322

Inspiring practice: resources, tools and activities for human rights education, has been designed to help people deliver workshops on human rights, including the Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
It includes:
- information about human rights education
- sample activities, with clear instructions for facilitators
- easy to photocopy resource sheets to make preparation easier
- background information for facilitators
- links to key human rights conventions and legislation, and
- references and links to further resources and reading.
This manual will help educators and facilitators introduce ideas about human rights, and stimulate debate and further learning.This manual contains three parts:
Part 1 contains background information on how to be a good human rights educator
Part 2 contains resources, methods and tools to help facilitate a human rights workshop, and
Part 3 contains sample activities for groups to explore human rights issues.
If you wish to learn more about a subject, click on the links throughout the manual.

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