Human Rights and Conflict Transformation

TitleHuman Rights and Conflict Transformation
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleThe Challenges of Just Peace
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBabbitt, EF, Darweish, M, Diez, T, Dudouet, V, García-Durán, M, Gomes-Mugumya, A, Nderitu, A, Parlevliet, M, Pia, E, Schmelzle, B
VolumeBerghof Handbook Dialogue No 9
Number of Pages113 pp.
PublisherBerghof Conflict Research/ Berghof Forschungszentrum für konstruktive Konfliktbearbeitung Berlin
Accession Number1499

Contributors to this Dialogue aim to go beyond the divide and polarising language of \"peace versus justice\" in order to gain a clearer understanding of the potential - and limits - of bringing together human rights and conflict transformation in specific contexts. Drawing evidence from contexts such as Nepal, South Africa, Israel/Palestine, Uganda and Colombia, they argue that a more thorough emphasis on human rights - as causes and manifestation of conflicts, but also as normative and practical intervention tools - contributes to bringing conflict transformation closer to its aim of tackling conflicts at their deepest roots. The lead author and respondents engage in a rich dialogue on areas of tensions as well as complementarity between the two sets of practices: they encourage mutual learning and joint work, and stress the importance of locally-designed, timely and context-specific initiatives, as well as the hard-nosed analysis of political context and use of human rights and conflict transformation discourses.

Overview of the Contents:
Beatrix Schmelzle and Véronique Dudouet, Introduction: Towards Peace with Justice
Michelle Parlevliet, Rethinking Conflict Transformation from a Human Rights Perspective
Thomas Diez and Emily Pia, Conflicts and the Politics of Human Rights Invocations
Alice Nderitu, Conflict Transformation and Human Rights: A Mutual Stalemate?
Eileen F. Babbitt, The New Constitutionalism: An Approach to Human Rights from a Conflict Transformation Perspective
Albert Gomes-Mugumya, Reflections on Rights and Conflict from Uganda
Marwan Darweish, Human Rights and the Imbalance of Power: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Mauricio García-Durán, Interaction between Conflict Transformation and Human Rights in the Face of Ongoing Armed Conflict in Colombia
Michelle Parlevliet, Holding Concurrent Realities. Reflection on the Responses