How to Produce a Radio Soap for Conflict Prevention / Resolution

TitleHow to Produce a Radio Soap for Conflict Prevention / Resolution
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleProject Manager's Manual
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsRolt, F
Number of Pages40 pp.
PublisherRadio for Peace Building Africa and Search for Common Ground (SFCG)
Accession Number861

(Excerpt from the introduction:)
While Search for Common Ground was setting up a series of new radio soap operas in Indonesia and Ukraine in 2002 we realised that although some of our radio soaps had already been running for seven years, we had never systematised or written down how to go about producing successful radio soap for conflict prevention/resolution.
There are plenty of books, manuals and websites on how to write soaps for social development, for agricultural extension, or to raise HIV/AIDS awareness. Several of these have been important in the development of this manual , but until now nothing has described how to go about producing a radio soap which tackles violent conflict in a positive way; a radio soap designed to reduce tensions and to bring people together.
This manual tries to fill that gap within a clear and logical framework, to go from the idea to the finished product. It is divided into two parts:
I. A Project Manager's Manual, an introduction to and discussion of the practicalities (basic issues such as preparation, budgets, contracts and production)
II. Training, a practical manual designed for the trainer and the scriptwriters of the soap for conflict prevention/resolution. Produced by SFCG in collaboration with Health Communication Resources, Perth, Australia (for more information on HCR see Part II of the manual).
This manual has been written to help those with little or no experience of radio soap opera, but it certainly doesn't describe the only way of doing things. But Search for Common Ground believes strongly in creative approaches to dealing with issues and with projects, so this is a guide not a blueprint. In fact it would probably be a mistake to try and follow what it says word for word. Much of what is written here is the result of trial and error, of testing an idea in a real situation, and as your soap opera progresses you may well think of or discover other, better, and more imaginative or creative ways of dealing with the problems and issues which present themselves.
The manual is available online (use the download-link below).

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