From Where We Stand

TitleFrom Where We Stand
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleWar, Women's Activism and Feminist Analysis
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCockburn, C
Number of Pages288 pp.
PublisherZed Books London
ISBN Number978-1-84277-821-0
Accession Number778

Why do so many women organize against militarism and war? And why, very often, do they choose to do so in women-only groups? This original study, the product of 80,000 miles of travel by the author over a two-year period, examines women's activism against wars as far apart as Sierra Leone, Colombia and India. It shows women on different sides of conflicts in the former Yugoslavia and Israel, refusing racism, enmity and collective guilt, working together for peace with justice. It describes transnational networks of women opposing US and Western European militarism and the so-called 'war on terror'.Women are often motivated by adverse experiences in the male-dominated anti-war movements, preferring to choose different methods of protest and remain in control of their own actions. But like the mainstream movements, women's groups differ. They debate pacifism - must justice come before peace? They differ on nationalism, some condemning it as a cause of war, others seeing it as a legitimate source of identity. Yet despite women\'s many different perspectives on war a coherent feminism emerges from the movement, and it suggests a radical shift in our understanding of war, linking the violence of patriarchal power to that of class oppression and ethnic 'othering'. Contents: Introduction 1. Different wars, women's responses 2. Against imperialist wars: three transnational networks 3. Disloyal to nation and state: antimilitarist women in Serbia 4. A refusal of othering: Palestinian and Israeli women 5. Achievements and contradictions: WILPF and the UN 6. Methodology of women's protest 7. Towards coherence: pacifism, nationalism, racism 8. Choosing to be 'women': what war says to feminism 9. Gender, violence and war: what feminism says to war studies

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