Failing Gaza: No Rebuilding, No Recovery, No More Excuses

TitleFailing Gaza: No Rebuilding, No Recovery, No More Excuses
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleA report by 16 NGOs one year after Operation Cast Lead
Year of Publication2009
Number of Pages20 pp.
PublisherAmnesty International UK, medico international Deutschland, medico international Schweiz, Oxfam Deutschland and many more – see summary.
Accession Number1412

Summary of the Joint Agency Report:"One year after the start of military action in Gaza, the international community has betrayed the people of Gaza by failing to back their words with effective action to secure the ending of the Israeli blockade which is preventing reconstruction and recovery.
The Israeli authorities have allowed only 41 truckloads of all construction materials into Gaza since the end of the offensive in mid-January, warn the authors of the report, which include Amnesty International, CAFOD, Christian Aid, Medical Aid for Palestinians, Mercy Corps and Oxfam International.
The task of rebuilding and repairing thousands of homes alone will require thousands of truckloads of building materials. Little of the extensive damage the offensive caused to homes, civilian infrastructure, public services, farms and businesses has been repaired because the civilian population, and the UN and aid agencies who help them, are prohibited from importing materials like cement and glass in all but a handful of cases.Recommendations
- The EU must commit itself to the explicit aim of ending the blockade of Gaza by taking a strong and unified stance and a renewed international lead on the issue;
- The EU and its Member States should use every opportunity with Israel to issue clear, strong and public calls to demand the full and unconditional end of the blockade on Gaza;
- The United Nations Security Council should convene a meeting to review the implementation of Resolution 1860 and consider action necessary to ensure the full and sustained opening of the crossings;
- The international community should support convening a substantive conference of the signatories of the Fourth Geneva Convention to help ensure respect for the Convention in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in relation to the blockade."This report has been published by: Amnesty International UK Broederlijk Delen (Belgium) CAFOD (UK) CCFD Terre Solidaire (France) Christian Aid Church of Sweden Diakonia (Sweden) Finn Church Aid (Finland) Medical Aid for Palestinians medico international (Germany) medico international schweiz (Switzerland) Mercy Corps MS ActionAid Denmark Oxfam International Trocaire (Ireland) United Civilians for Peace (a coalition of Dutch organisations - Oxfam Novib, Cordaid, ICCO, and IKV Pax Christi)

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