EPLO Statement on Civil-Military Integration in European Security and Defence Policy

TitleEPLO Statement on Civil-Military Integration in European Security and Defence Policy
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleMarch 2009
Year of Publication2009
Number of Pages4 pp.
PublisherEuropean Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO)
Accession Number1246

(the following text forms the Introduction of the statement:)
The European Council of December 2008 agreed to integrate EU civilian and military crisis management at the strategic planning level. The plans were referred to in the EU Presidency Conclusions and more recently in a presentation to the European Parliament by High Representative Javier Solana.
EPLO welcomes proposals to improve the planning of ESDP missions and believes that the development of the envisaged Crisis Management and Planning Directorate (CMPD) is an opportunity to introduce measures that will improve the effectiveness and accountability of civilian ESDP missions.
EPLO believes that there is also a risk that the proposed integration of civilian and military dimensions of EU crisis management strategic planning could lead in effect to the absorption of the civilian dimension into the military dimension. Merging of Directorates VIII and IX could mean that the planning of civilian missions is not conducted by civilians with the relevant political, professional and operational expertise. The increased militarization of ESDP could, in turn, have a negative impact on civilian crisis management. In line with established good practice, the EU's plans should seek balance between the two dimensions, with concrete measures put in place to ensure that sufficient weight continues to be afforded to the civilian dimension of EU crisis management.

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