Curb Your Enthusiasm: Israel and Palestine after the UN

TitleCurb Your Enthusiasm: Israel and Palestine after the UN
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleInternational Crisisgroup Middle East Report N° 112
Year of Publication2011
Number of Pages52pp
PublisherInternational Crisisgroup

A new Crisisgroup Report discusses the implications of the Palestinian bid for statehood expressed by Mahmud Abbas on 24 September 2011 in New York. In the report's executive summary released 12 September 2011 the authors write: "In diplomatic lexicon, September 2011 is shorthand for a Palestinian statehood bid at the UN, ensuing Israeli and U.S. retaliation and, in fine, a train-wreck. There are legitimate fears about the fallout, but obsession with what will happen at the UN and the disproportionate energy invested in aborting it are getting in the way of clear thinking. This could well produce a cure more lethal than the ailment. Were Palestinian President Abbas to back down, he could decisively discredit his leadership, embolden his foes and trigger unrest among his people; quickly resuming peace talks as an alternative could lead to a breakdown with consequences far graver than anything that effort might induce. The focus should be on shaping a UN outcome that produces tangible gain for the Palestinians in their quest for statehood while providing some reassurance to Israelis, minimises risks of violence or the Palestinian Authority’s collapse and enshrines core principles for a two-state solution. With little time remaining, the burden has shifted to the EU to craft this compromise. It has long sought that role. Now it must live up to it." Download the report

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