Corporate Security Responsibility

TitleCorporate Security Responsibility
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleCorporate Governance Contributions to Peace and Security in Zones of Conflict
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDeitelhoff, N, Wolf, KD
Number of Pages256 pp.
PublisherPalgrave Macmillan
ISBN Number978-0-230-24184-8
Accession Number1436

This book focuses on the role of private businesses in zones of conflict. It looks at the type of governance contributions expected from transnational business corporations towards peace and security. The volume comprises a range of comparative empirical case studies based on extensive field research. From this research, conclusions are drawn about what determines these contributions and the implications of these empirical and theoretical findings for the interplay between the public and the private sector in the context of global governance.
The book contributes to closing the gap between research on Global Governance and Peace and Conflict Studies. It applies a systematic research design to the study of corporate governance contributions to peace and security across a number of cases.Overview of the Content:
Corporate Security Responsibility? Corporate Governance Contributions to Peace and Security Zones of Conflict - N.Deitelhoff & - K.D.Wolf
Heres to Peace: Governance Contributions by Companies in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo? - M.Feil
Oil Companies in Nigeria: Emerging Good Practice or Still Fuelling Conflict? - M.Zimmer
Calling on Peace: The International ICT Sector and the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo - L.Wallbott
Walking the Extra-Mile? Corporate Contributions Towards the Peace Process in Northern Ireland - A.Haidvogl
Travelling for Peace? The Role of Tourism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - S.Fischer
Chartered Companies: Linking Private Security Governance in Early and Post Modernity - K.D.Wolf
Private Security and Military Companies: The Other Side of Business and Conflict - N.Deitelhoff
Conclusions: The Changing Relationship between the Public and the Private: Corporate Governance Contributions to Peace and Security - K.D.Wolf & - N.Deitelhoff
An Agenda for Further Research - M.Feil, S.Fischer, A.Haidvogl & - M.Zimmer

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