Conflict Sensitive Journalism

TitleConflict Sensitive Journalism
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleA Handbook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsHoward, R
Number of Pages24 pp.
PublisherIMS (International Media Support) and IMPACS (Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society)
ISBN Number87-989502-0-7
Accession Number858

This publication seeks to contribute to the theoretical refinement and practical realisation of conflict conscious journalism as a tool for usage by media practitioners in conflict-affected areas. With this goal in mind, the handbook is designed to be both a practical everyday guide for those already familiar with the subject, as well as an introduction for those unfamiliar with such practices.

The handbook has been produced in partnership between IMS and IMPACS, as well as the Centre for Policy Alternatives in Colombo and the Nepal Press Institute in Kathmandu, to whom IMS and IMPACS would like to express special thanks. In addition, the in-country research and workshops conducted by the author, Ross Howard, have been instrumental in developing and refining the concepts and tools outlined in this publication. One of these workshops, held by IMPACS-IMS and the Centre for Policy Alternatives in Sri Lanka in June 2002, provided substantial input to this publication.

IMS and IMPACS are pleased to be able to present this handbook alongside their partners and hope that those reading it, whether as a refresher to a workshop or for the first time, find it a useful guide to the conceptual basis and practical everyday use of conflict conscious journalism.

The handbook can be downloaded via the link below.

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