Building Feminist Movements. Global Perspectives

TitleBuilding Feminist Movements. Global Perspectives
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleNew Publication by Zed Books
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsAlpizar, L, Durán, A, Russo Garido, A
Number of Pages288 pp.
PublisherZed Books
ISBN NumberISBN-10: 1 84277 850 1
Accession Number756

Women\'s organizations and movements must be stronger than ever to be able to hold the line and continue moving forward the women\'s rights agenda. The many threats to women\'s rights - armed conflicts, the advance of HIV/AIDS, rising fundamentalisms and scarce resources for research - make a study of the work and internal dynamics of women\'s and feminist organizations and movements essential in order to meet these challenges effectively. Building Feminist Movements is an international collection of essays and case studies which explores diverse ways in which women and feminist organizations and movements are organizing and it also analyses the important lessons learned in the process.

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