Applying a Coexistence Lens to Transitional Justice Processes

TitleApplying a Coexistence Lens to Transitional Justice Processes
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitleRecommendations and Guidelines
Year of Publication2008
Number of Pages9 pp.
PublisherCoexistence International (CI) and West Africa Network for Transitional Justice (WANT-Justice)
CityBrandeis University, Waltham, USA
Accession Number1206

In West Africa, where many countries are emerging from violent conflict and have either experienced transitional justice processes (Ghana, Sierra Leone), are in the midst of such a process (Liberia), or may consider such a process in the future, questions of coexistence, social inclusion, and inter-group relations are paramount to the prevention of future violence. Considering transitional justice within a framework of inter-group relations is critical to ensuring a future free from violence.Applying a coexistence "lens" to transitional justice processes increases the possibility of creating fundamental changes in societies that have been damaged by violence, patterns of inequalities, and abuse of authority. Using a coexistence lens in this context means that special consideration is given to inter-group and intercommunal relations when designing, enacting, and following-up transitional justice processes.From a coexistence perspective, the emphasis on the process during the transition period after violence is critical. A process implies that the efforts are long-term and complex and will utilize various approaches and measures. Inclusion and participation - key values of coexistence - are critical for framing transitional justices processes, as they are prerequisites for restoring and rebuilding a sense of civic trust and unity. These two values mean that players from all sides of the conflict, from all levels of society, from all communities - women and men, victims and perpetrators, linguistic minorities and local and traditional leaders - are involved and consulted. The recommendations / guidance paper can be downloaded from the link given below.

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