A New Start for EU Peacemaking?

TitleA New Start for EU Peacemaking?
Publication TypeBook
Subtitle / Series TitlePast Record and Future Potential
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAltpeter, C, Johansson, E, Kreutz, J, Lindberg, S, Lindgren, M, Padskocimaite, A, Wallensteen, P
VolumeUCDP Paper 7
Number of Pages78 pp.
PublisherUppsala University
Accession Number1592

In recent years, EU and its member states have increasingly become involved in armed conflicts, but not in peacemaking. This result is presented in a new report by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program UCDP at the Uppsala University, Sweden. The researchers find that EU as a peace project should take on a more proactive role, and they call for a new doctrine for peacebuilding.The Lisbon Treaty has equipped the European Union with more tools in the field of foreign and security policy and provides for a new beginning for Europe in international peacemaking. In this report a team of researchers at the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) demonstrates that there is a need for such a new start. In the documentation of EU engagement in international affairs, the report finds the record to be below expectations. The report also asserts that there is a potential for the EU to take on a more significant international role.The report recommends that the EU should refocus its international conflict activity to constructive engagements for peace and security; make more use of, and develop, its crisis management capacities; and strengthen its performance in peacekeeping. These dimensions of peacebuilding should be integrated into a new doctrine of international conflict resolution, firmly rested on the values expressed in the Lisbon Treaty. Furthermore, the EU should emphasise its role as a leading force for human rights and democracy by making its actions more effective; draw on the competence of the entire Union; and make its goals clearer and increase its visibility when cooperating with other international bodies.

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