Understanding Trauma in Cambodia

TitelUnderstanding Trauma in Cambodia
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelBasic Psychological Concepts - Handbook published in Cooperation with the DED
Anzahl Seiten159 pp.
VerlagCenter for Social Development (CSD) and German Development Service (DED)

The main purpose of this Handbook is to provide an introduction to and basic knowledge of a complex psychological issue in an understandable way. Because the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, informally the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, is finally getting underway, many non-governmental organizations and many Cambodians are becoming more engaged in the process of national reconciliation and development, and therefore have to deal with many traumatized people. Reconciliation between individuals, regions within the nation, and between victims and perpetrators in Cambodian villages are among the main issues being tackled by many NGO outreach projects.
This Handbook seeks to provide a compassionate and professional approach to dealing with traumatized people by presenting more detailed psychological and therapeutic knowledge. The authors believe that greater consciousness about the sociopolitical and individual aspects of trauma is one of the first steps towards individual and national reconciliation.

Overview of the Contents:
What is the purpose of this Handbook?
Where does the word "trauma" come from and what does it mean?
What is a traumatic event?
What is individual and psychosocial trauma in the Cambodian context?
How does trauma effect the brain?What is the process of coping with traumatic events?
How does dissociation help to survive trauma?
Can an unhealed trauma be re-experienced after 30 years?
What are the most common symptoms of emotional trauma in Cambodia?
What kinds of mental health impacts might develop from traumatic events?
What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
How does emotional trauma effect interpersonal relationship?
What are mental health problems of children, which emerge and are caused by traumatic events?
Is it possible for trauma symptoms to be transmitted to the second generation?
Why did the Khmer Rouge years cause emotional trauma ins ome people and not in others?
Is psychotherapy necessary and/or appropriate in Cambodia?

The Handbook can be downloaded via the link below (unfortunately it has a size of 95 MB).

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