The media of Iraq ten years on: the problems, the progress, the prospects

TitelThe media of Iraq ten years on: the problems, the progress, the prospects
Typ der PublikationReport
Pagination36 pp.
Date PublishedMarch 2013
InstitutionBBC Media Action

The policy briefing examines the media landscape in Iraq today and reviews both the miscalculations and achievements of the international actors involved in reforming Iraqs media over the last ten years. It also examines the extent to which freedom of expression and information has been secured in Iraq and prospects for the future. The briefing finds that the media landscape of 2013 may not be the free and professional fourth estate that many in the West envisaged in 2003 but it has real strengths, as well as weaknesses, which reflect the reality and complexity of the country today.  It is based on dozens of exclusive interviews conducted by authors Abir Awad and Tim Eaton with Iraqi and Western actors, including Ambassador Paul Bremer who headed the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) from March 2003 to mid-2004, as well as former and current Iraqi politicians and journalists.  The policy briefing also draws on insights gained through BBC Media Actions own media development work in Iraq since 2003 and elsewhere. The analysis offers useful lessons for media support strategies in other Arab countries, and especially those in transition following the Arab spring. The media of Iraq ten years on, which was prepared thanks to funding from the UK Department for International Development, is part of a broader series focused on the role of media and communication in achieving governance, health, humanitarian and resilience outcomes. Download

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