Security Sector Reform in Guinea-Bissau: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed

TitelSecurity Sector Reform in Guinea-Bissau: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed
Typ der PublikationReport
Untertitel / SerientitelAfrica Briefing N°109
InstitutionInternational Crisis Group
StadtDakar / Brussels

Guinea-Bissau’s international partners will meet in Brussels on 25 March to examine, among other things, the crucial issue of security sector reform (SSR). In the last 40 years, the army has attempted a dozen coups and three have been successful. This instability has been one of the impediments to the country’s development. But the current context has never been so conducive to making progress on this issue: the army lost credibility as a result of the 2012 coup; the 2014 elections brought to power politicians who are less dependent on the military because of their strong electoral legitimacy and the support of international partners; finally, the latter are less divided than they were in 2012. This opportunity should not be missed. International partners should provide the necessary financial support, and the new government must address internal tensions in order to preserve its legitimacy and the conditions conducive to SSR. All must remain acutely aware that reform is a long-term process and that it requires delicately balancing some deeply entrenched interests.

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