Promoting Peace Education in Our Communities

TitelPromoting Peace Education in Our Communities
Typ der PublikationJournal Article

’Promoting  Peace  Education  in  Our  Communities’ was  the  theme  of  the  third  African Alliance  for  Peace  Summit.  This  Summit,  hosted  by  Shalom  Educating  for  Peace  and  in partnership with the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), took  place in Kigali, Rwanda from the 16th to the 19th of February 2014.


The  Summit  brought  together  62  participants  from  various  organisations  and  11  countries, each with their own character and agenda but with one common goal of exploring how we can  promote  peace  education  in  our  communities.  The  event  highlighted  participants striving for an Africa that moves from handling conflict with violence to one that solely use peace-building  as  the  conduit  of  security  –  a  vision  of  moving  from  action  to  prevention.


Participants shared their  belief that peace education should involve the teaching of African values,  allowing  peace-building  to  become  a  unique  and  beautiful  structuring  of  a  new history  for  the  African  continent.  The  event  was  designed  to  enhance  awareness  and understanding of the various models of peace education and infrastructures for peace, with a particular focus on home-grown approaches.