Peacebuilding across Lake Albert

TitelPeacebuilding across Lake Albert
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelReinforcing Environmental Cooperation between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo
AutorInnenHoudret, A, Westerkamp, M
Anzahl Seiten27 pp.
VerlagInitiative for Peacebuilding, Regional cooperations on Natural Resources, Environment and Economy Cluster and Adelphi Reserach

The role of the environment and natural resource management in peacebuilding is particularly important, as it can facilitate trust-building and benefit sharing. The analysis of Lake Albert, shared by Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, shows that peacebuilding opportunities exist even where high-level political agreements are lacking when initiatives integrate and rely on local stakeholders.The study of three domains of environmental interaction (environment and protected area management; water and fishery; energy and oil) reveals that while there is increasing competition and tension around resources, they also offer entry points for trust-building between and within countries. The study concludes with recommendations to donors who should focus on strengthening existing ties between communities, providing opportunities for benefit-sharing from sustainable resource management, and increasing inclusiveness of all stakeholders into local, national and transboundary development processes.

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