Making Peace Work

TitelMaking Peace Work
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelThe Challenges of Social and Economic Reconstruction
AutorInnenAddison, T, Brück, T
Anzahl Seiten368 pp.
VerlagPalgrave Macmillian
StadtBasingstoke / UK

Reconstruction from conflict is a complex and demanding task, and a major challenge for post-conflict countries as well as the international community. Countries and their donor partners face multiple priorities - rebuilding infrastructure, assisting war-damaged communities, and re-creating weakened institutions - with too few resources to meet these needs. Moreover, if the poor are not prioritized then the end of war may have saved lives, but will have done little for livelihoods. And women are often left behind. Without reconstruction, countries may easily regress back to war.
This book provides an insight into some of the principal issues that arise in post-conflict economic and social reconstruction, and offers examples of what works, and what does not. Each chapter tackles a key theme, and illustrates the with illustrations from a wide selection of countries. This book will be of great interest to all working on economic and social reconstruction in post-conflict countries, as well as those working on peace and development more generally.Contents:
The Multi-Dimensional Challenge of Mass Violent Conflict; T.Addison & T.Brück
Achieving Peace, Participation and Prosperity; T.Addison & T.Brück
Economic Agendas in Civil Wars: What We Know, What We Need to Know; D.M.Malone & H.Nitzschke
The Coherence of Democratic Peace-Building; P.Burnell
Ethics, Rhetoric, and Politics of Post-conflict Reconstruction: How Can the Concept of Social Contract Help Us in Understanding How to Make Peace Work?; S.K.Hellsten
The Gender Dimensions of Post-Conflict Reconstruction: The Challenges in Development Aid; M.E.Greenberg & E.Zuckerman
Policies towards Horizontal Inequalities in Post-Conflict Reconstruction; F.Stewart
Post-Conflict Countries: Strategy for Rebuilding Fiscal Institutions; S.Gupta, S.Tareq, B.Clements, A.Segura-Ubiergo & R.Bhattacharya
Rehabilitating Health Systems in Post-Conflict Situations; H.Waters, B.Garrett & G.Burnham
Infrastructure Development in Post-Conflict Reconstruction; P.B.Anand
Entrepreneurship, Post-Conflict; W.Naudé
A Way Forward; T.Addison & T.Brück

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