Human Rights and Business Learning Tool

TitelHuman Rights and Business Learning Tool
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelA Learning Tool for Businesses about Human Rights
VerlagOffice of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

(The following text has been taken from the foreword by Louise Arbour:)

Globalization has significantly expanded the role of business both at the national and international level. The increased presence of business in most spheres of modern society has created new societal expectations regarding its appropriate role and responsibilities, including in the area of human rights. There is a growing acknowledgement, endorsed by many business leaders, that business enterprises in virtually all sectors - be it extractive, pharmaceutical, financial or others - can have a significant impact on human rights and a correspondingly crucial role to play in supporting and promoting human rights. Key to harnessing the private sector's potential for advancing human rights is the increased understanding by business enterprises of human rights and of their relevance to business operations. The Human Rights and Business Learning Tool is intended to serve this purpose. The tool has been developed by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in close collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact Office, and with assistance from the United Nations System Staff College. In developing this tool, the organizations involved benefited greatly from consultations with company representatives and experts during the drafting phase. The Human Rights and Business Learning Tool outlines the historical development of the human rights regime, and illustrates key aspects of what is meant by human rights. It then focuses on two concepts that are at the core of the Global Compact's human rights principles, namely the concept of sphere of influence and corporate complicity. The tool thus offers essential information to assist managers and other business personnel in appreciating the human rights elements of their work. It provides a foundation upon which the companies can act to enhance the knowledge and understanding of its workforce about human rights and thereby strengthen the integration of human rights into their corporate culture.

This course is designed to help managers in companies participating in the UN Global Compact to understand the importance and relevance of human rights. The course comprises three modules which will help you to develop an understanding of human rights and integrate the Global Compact principles into your everyday business:

Module 1: Introduction to Human Rights

Module 2: Sphere of Influence

Module 3: Complicity

Sphere of Influence and Complicity feature in the Global Compact principles. Both are helpful ways of thinking about how human rights relate to business operations.

The eLearning Tool can be accessed via the link below.

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