Grave violations committed against children

TitelGrave violations committed against children
Typ der PublikationReport
Untertitel / SerientitelAnnual Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict
InstitutionUnited Nations
StadtNew York

The annual report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict presents information about grave violations committed against children in 22 country situations. The report also includes what is known as the “List of shame”. This is the list of  armed groups and armed forces who recruit and use children, kill and maim, commit sexual violence or attacks on schools and hospitals in conflict zones. The report states on the evolving nature of armed conflict and child protection: "In recent years, United Nations child protection actors have noted with concern that the evolving character and tactics of armed conflict are creating unprecedented threats to children. The absence of clear front lines and identifiable opponents, the increasing use of terror tactics by some armed groups and certain methods used by security forces have made children more vulnerable. Children are being used as suicide bombers and human shields, while schools continue to be attacked, affecting girls’ education in particular, and to be used for military purposes. In addition, children are being held in security detention for alleged association with armed groups. Furthermore, drone strikes have resulted in child casualties and have had a serious impact on the psychosocial health of children" (p.2). Download

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