Fighting Corruption in Security Sector Reform

TitelFighting Corruption in Security Sector Reform
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelUSIP Peace Brief
AutorInnenPerito, R, Kristoff, M
BandUSIP Peace Brief 32
Anzahl Seiten4 pp.
VerlagUnited States Institute of Peace (USIP)
StadtWashington D.C.


  • - Corruption in the security sector damages society's trust in the government.
  • - Donors must coordinate on anti-corruption programs and make sure not to engage in corruption themselves.
  • - Corruption is highly political and context specific.
  • - Fighting both high and low-levels of corruption should be a priority in security sector reform.

About This Brief
This report is based on a February 25, 2010 panel presentation and the views expressed on fighting corruption in SSR during a meeting of the Security Sector Reform Working Group. The panel consisted of Raymond Gilpin, vice president of the Center for Sustainable Economies at USIP, Rachel Nield, legal adviser at the Open Society Justice Initiative, former Chief of Police Michael Berkow (retired), president of Altegrity Security Consulting, and Alex Berg, a USIP peace scholar. Robert Perito, director of USIP's Security Sector Governance Initiative, moderated the panel.

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