Ending War: The Need for Peace Process Support Strategies

TitelEnding War: The Need for Peace Process Support Strategies
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelPolicy Brief by Conciliation Resources
AutorInnenBarnes, C, Drew, E, Herbolzheimer, K, Petrigh, C, Ramsbotham, A, Carl, A
Anzahl Seiten6 pp.
VerlagConciliation Resources

The foundations for sustainable peace are laid when those in conflict agree on how to resolve the issues that have divided them and how they will live together peacefully in the future. While external actors can play a decisive role in providing constructive support, too often mixed or contradictory policies undermine the prospects for conflict resolution. This brief argues that external actors should give greater priority to supporting peace processes, placing them at the centre of a shared international strategy for countries in conflict.A peace process support strategy should marshal the multilateral political will and resources needed to support parties to negotiate and implement a viable agreement and to build public support. The strategy should be a central facet of a government or international organization's overall policy toward the conflict-affected country or region. As such, there is a need to:
1. Give greater priority to supporting peace processes with increased political will and policy coherence, both within a government and multilaterally.
2. Work toward sustainable outcomes through inclusive settlements that pave the way toward more responsive and accountable governance.
3. Improve the quality of support to peace processes through capacity building, mediation support and appropriate technical and financial resources.

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