Dismantling Colombia’s New Illegal Armed Groups: Lessons from a Surrender

TitelDismantling Colombia’s New Illegal Armed Groups: Lessons from a Surrender
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelCrisisgroup Latin America Report N°41
Anzahl Seiten28
VerlagInternational Crisis Group

The surrender of the Popular Revolutionary Anti-Terrorist Army of Colombia (ERPAC) in December 2011 risks going down as a failure. Only a fraction of the group took part; leaders may be getting away with short prison sentences; and the underlying criminal and corrupt structures will likely remain untouched. The impact on conflict dynamics in the group’s eastern-plains stronghold has been limited. As worrying, the lack of transparency, including of international oversight, has damaged the credibility of the process, leaving the impression that an illegal armed group has again outwitted state institutions to the detriment of the public and particularly of the victims. The authorities need to draw the right conclusions from the process. Otherwise, the lack of appropriate instruments to manage collective surrenders will continue to hamper efforts to combat groups such as ERPAC that have grown into one of the country’s top security challenges. (from the report's executive summary) Download

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