CSSP Annual Report 2009

TitelCSSP Annual Report 2009
Typ der PublikationBook
Anzahl Seiten24 pp.
VerlagCSSProject - Verein für Integrative Mediation (CSSP)

2009 was an eventful and crucial year for the Balkan region and an important year for CSSP. The work of CSSP was very successful as you will discover in the CSSP Annual Report 2009.
In 2009 CSSP implemented projects in more than 10 municipalities in Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia and has further activities in the region, interactive training, systematic advocacy, conflict analysis, stakeholder consultation, and inter-community mediation.
CSSP advanced its methodology - Integrative Mediation - and developed further tools for conflict analysis and evaluation which are part of the Multitrack Peace Mediation Course in 2011, developed jointly with Berghof Peace Support, Inmedio and CSSP.
The projects presented in the report could not operate without CSSP's supporters and partners. CSSP thanks them for their dedication to CSSP and to our mutual vision of a peaceful and locally owned inter-community resolution of conflicts.

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