Crime and conflict

TitelCrime and conflict
Typ der PublikationJournal Article
AutorInnenBanfield, J

International Alert’s new report, Crime and conflict: The new challenge for peacebuilding, explores the problem posed by the complex relationship between organised crime, armed violence and fragility.


The report responds to the changing global dynamics of conflict and violence, and the growing attention given to this phenomenon among policy-makers, as well as the shortcomings of effective responses to date by both state and civil society.


At the heart of the report is the hypothesis that peacebuilding approaches can be adapted to tackle violence and instability associated with those dynamics of violence previously considered beyond the purview of peacebuilders.

This approach has not been widely tested in practice, but when it has, results are promising. It is time to question the predominance of state-centric approaches based purely on more efficient law enforcement.

Peacebuilding has a significant role to play. The value of pragmatic, inclusive, long-term, multi-level and ultimately transformative peacebuilding approaches is now generally accepted within the development sector. However, such approaches have yet to be applied effectively and at a scale appropriate to the challenges posed by organised crime.