Conflict Parties' Interests in Mediation

TitelConflict Parties' Interests in Mediation
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelBerghof Policy Brief

Policy Brief No. 1

AutorInnenGiessmann, HJ, Wils, O
BandNo. 1
Anzahl Seiten14 pp.
VerlagBerghof Conflict Research (BCR) and Berghof Foundation for Peace Support

What is this Policy Brief about? Experience has shown that mediation contributes positively to solving violent conflict. In order to improve mediation practice and support activities this brief takes a specific perspective on mediation through the lenses of conflicting parties.

With this Policy Brief, Berghof Conflict Research and Berghof Peace Support are launching a new joint publication series. The Policy Briefs are designed to provide concise first-hand information based on our findings from research and practice. The series aims to shed light on some of the crucial and current challenges of conflict transformation. It combines focused analysis with concrete policy recommendations.