Community-Based Development in Conflict-Affected Areas

TitelCommunity-Based Development in Conflict-Affected Areas
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelAn Introductory Guide for Programming - Key Issues, Lessons Learned, Resources
Anzahl Seiten40 pp.
VerlagUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID)
StadtWashington D.C.

Community-Based Development (CBD) programming has emerged as a preferred programming option in conflict-affected areas. Rehabilitating conflict-torn countries to avoid a return to conflict remains difficult. CBD programs can be critical interventions that can help donors and implementing partners address the many attendant problems conflict-affected communities face. CBD programs focus on local actors with the hope of addressing the root sources of conflict at a community-level, supporting livelihoods, and building local capacity to solve problems in an inclusive and non-violent manner.
This guide describes the lessons learned by donors who have incorporated the CBD methodology into their programming, suggests programming approaches, and provides both potential partners and the resources necessary to implement this approach.USAID's Conflict Toolkits and Guides explore how development assistance can address key risk factors associated with conflict. They offer:
1) a discussion of the relationship between each topic and conflict;
2) lessons learned in developing programs;
3) program options;
4) survey instruments; and
5) relevant USAID mechanisms and donors.

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