Climate Refugees in Bangladesh

TitelClimate Refugees in Bangladesh
Typ der PublikationBook
Untertitel / SerientitelUnderstanding the migration process at the local level
AutorInnenAnwer, S
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VerlagBrot für die Welt

The study is an attempt to describe in a comprehensive way the phenomenon of climate induced migration and analyses possible remedial measures in accordance to national and international human rights laws with a view to ensure that vulnerable communities may receive the assistance and protection needed to survive. Drawing on other research and publications, the present study explores different combinations of push and pull variables of displacement and their effect on places of destinations, based on opinions from affected people as well as relevant stakeholders. The concluding policy recommendations given on internally displaced persons and climate migration are to be framed by conscious understanding of cultural affinity as passed on through generations as well as by taking into account demographical data including income, age, and gender. The insight obtained from the study should thus not only create the basis for people’s formation of opinion but should also prompt actions towards resettlement of those who have already become climate refugees. (from the study's introduction) Download

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